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Quick, hassle free, accurate valuation of your agency

As we all already know, how and what Agencies prioritise at a strategic and operational level is often the difference between success and failure. Sadly, many agencies do not consider the impact on the value of their agencies before committing time, money and resources to tasks. Agencies that seek a valuation before embarking on a project, increase the alignment and focus of senior management to raise the Agency value, and most importantly, builds a value growth mindset and culture. 

How can you increase the value of your business if you don’t know it’s value?

For us the valuation is not the end of your journey but the jumping off point. We don’t just provide a realistic value of your agency. Our innovative algorithm uses in-depth value drivers to deliver a report which explains how you can improve the value of your agency before sale or potential alternative options.

Our valuation calculation has helped over 200 agencies to get an accurate value for their business. More importantly, using the insights in the report provided the majority of agencies have increased the saleability and value of their agency. 

Verified and used by M&A specialists, accountants and investors our valuation tool is proven to:

  1. Resolve shareholder disputes
  2. Aid negotiations with a buyer or seller
  3. Guided succession planning
  4. Help raise fresh capital or engage investors
  5. Finalise an EMI scheme
  6. Develop business plans and workstreams

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For £395.00 (discounted to £197.50 for limited period) you will receive a market value report providing a value and how that figure has been calculated. Find out more

Why Choose Our Agency Value?

How do you put a value on your agency? A true value that properly reflects your reputation, culture, resources, achievements and future potential? How do you maximise that value at just the right moment? That’s where we come in. 

There are several firms that specialise in selling agencies or businesses, but they’re usually only interested when the sale can be conducted, say within six months. Our Agency Value is different. We take a longer-term view. Our strong background in business consultancy, has led us to develop a unique valuation tool to give agencies a better idea of their value and potential, enabling them to monitor valuations and benchmark their progress against the sector. 

Our research and forward-looking approach is the backbone of what we offer and, crucially, is what sets us apart. We have used a range of methodologies and benchmarking techniques to examine agency valuations which has led us to develop a proprietary, data driven method of valuing agencies which, crucially, also provides guidance on how this value can be enhanced.

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We continuously undertake market research in the marketing, media and publishing sector. This is combined with our decades of experience working a wide range of agencies across the UK. Helping the industry increase its value and develop the next generation of leaders has given us unique insight into how agencies are valued and how they build long term value. 

‘The biggest risk to our agency was not taking risks, but first we needed to remove the biggest risk affecting our value’

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