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Resolve shareholder disputes
Aid negotiations with a buyer or seller
Guided succession planning
Help raise fresh capital or engage investors
Finalise an EMI scheme
Develop business plans and workstreams

What’s our AGENCY valuation based on?

Every agency is different, you know that better than anyone and yet agency owners often quote ‘current’ EBITDA multiples when discussing the value of agencies, which can vary from anything from 3 to 15 times. From our experience and research we use positive and negative drivers, and business risks to determine the value of any agency, considering profitability, pipeline, agency specialities, Client profile, leadership and size. 

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For £395.00 (currently discounted to just £197.50) you will receive a market value report providing a valuation and how that figure has been calculated. Crucially this also includes a clear outline on how you can improve the saleability of your business and its value. Learn how it works

Valuing any business, let alone an Agency is often more art than science. There is no perfect analysis or valuation process that can always answer the question posed – ‘What is our Agency worth?’

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The Legal Bit: Please note that this is purely an indicative tool and does not represent a final value for the agency, nor is it legally binding. Any potential purchaser or investor will want to carry out detailed due diligence checks into every aspect of your business. These will include looking at your accounts, Client contracts and so on.

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Our Agency ValueAccountantsM&A specialist
Cost£395 discounted to £197.50Any where between £1,000 – £5,000Typically, costs start at £20,000
ScopeAgencies onlyAll businessesAgencies / Buyers working with medium to large parties
TimingsImmediate3-6 months6 months
CoversGet a full valuation report with recommendationValuationValuation & consultancy
CalculationUnique algorithm, using in-depth sector researchFinancial data onlyFinancial data, past translations of agencies and deposition of buyers
Based on Location, profitability, pipeline, specialities, leadership, and sizeBased on a multiple of EBITDABased on a multiple of EBITDA, potential buyers
Sale timingsUp to 5 yearsBased on sale within 6-12 monthsBased on sale within 6 months
Additional benefitsGuidance on how to improve valuation and what M&A organisations are looking forHistorical data. Proven relationshipGuidance & experience on selling agencies, advise buyers 

It’s better to be roughly right than precisely wrong. The valuation report changed the mindset to new business growth plan

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