Covid-19 economic fallout changing Agency Valuations

UK shopping behaviour suddenly changed when the pandemic arrived in the UK and we also noticed how buying patterns across Europe followed the spread of the virus. Not surprisingly, the transformation has also affected a range of asset values and to be honest, has caused us a few challenges when valuing Agency Businesses.

Normal valuations on-hold

There has been much written about how the pandemic has affected AI, our own algorithm was developed based on normal economic and asset value times, but as normal no longer exists, we have spent the last few weeks working on adjusting the algorithm. The adjustment has required more human intervention than we first thought. Talking to AI experts, I understand it is a common mistake.

Changing Agency Business Valuations

The experience has revealed our algorithm requires increased, on-going human support and guidance, when circumstances are no longer normal, and is likely to the be case for the foreseeable future.

Our AI cannot operate 100% in isolation and we will now involve all of our experts to verify valuations.  Although the current situation is less volatile, we continue to be highly diligent and sensitive to the risks we all face. This is only possible with the team keeping a close eye on all of the market indicators, ensuring we are more resilient and responsive.

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